OMG, the end is near! Maybe…

My educational story is a bit different. Since the advent of the Doomsday Preppers, an American reality television series, I have been able to explain my past with a bit more ease. You see, my parents were Doomsday Preppers who believed that the world was going to end back in the 1980’s. Due to mental instability, my parents withdrew their  children from public school. Unfortunately, as a result, my public education ended in the 3rd grade. The good news is, world did not end; however, the bad news is my parents were willing to gamble my education on that. Even with this massive setback, I kept at it and eventually earned the following degrees and certificates:


Computer Programming ’12
Law Enforcement Technology ’14


Network Operations ’21


Communication Officer (9-1-1) ’98
Medical Transcription ’08
Law Enforcement Tech ’14
POST ’14
Computer Programming ’12
Yoga Instructor Certification ’22


Phi Theta Kappa ’12
Honor Society ’21

CyberSpace Resources
Four Seasons Total Landscaping Corp
VoiceThread’s for APCV 320
Digication Writing Samples
Research Essay (PDF)
Reflection Essay (PDF)

Current Resumé
Indeed Resumé
LinkedIn Resumé


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