Experience and Titles

When applying for employment, I do not always look at the specific “job title” as much as I look at the totality of circumstances which would comprise the position. To me, the totality of circumstances includes important elements such as: the nature of business, location, and environment (among other factors). All of this helps me when I am scouting for future employers as well as whether I genuinely believe I could do the work of the position for which I am applying (and do it well).

I do not have the job title of every position I am applying for. This is partly because many job titles are new to the market all together so it would be impossible for anyone to have worked under that job title. The other component is that I have the skills, experience, and ability to do all of the tasks listed in the description, just no formal work under that title (yet). To better understand what I mean, some of the job titles I am speaking of include:

  • Knowledge Manager
  • Human Satisfaction Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Engagement Manager
  • Solutions Architect
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Cloud Architect

Another issue has been (even with older job titles), when I apply for a position, say a “graphic artist”, a superficial glance of my resume shows that I do not have “graphic artist” listed as a job title. This has caused some issues, which is why I wanted to address that in this article.

So, let’s break down what I’m talking about. Take the job title of “graphic artist”, I do not have the (literal) “work experience” of a “graphic artist” (job title) on my resume. Nevertheless, a closer look at the job duties, of any “graphic artist” position reveals that I have done the work of that job title for years (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Venn Diagram of experience and job descriptions.

In my experience, I have seen managers and business owners who become distracted with titles/descriptions and I believe this is a harmful approach because it forces employees into boxes. I am more team-oriented than titles and I believe that many of the “job description” elements found within job titles fall right in line with my training, education, and experience.

With each skill set I have, there are the accompanying tasks which may be accomplished using them, regardless of the job title. Below, I have put together a search tool that allows you to type in a job title to see the applicable resume which matches that job. I have not listed every possible job title that exists or may one day exist; I have only put the job titles I am actively applying for. So, if you are an employer, type in the job title you are considering me for!



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