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Meet Baby PanPan & His Friend Sabrina

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MS Access

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Why Access?

All of my programming actually happened while I was going to school for accounting. This was back in the day when you had to manually hand-write out your ledgers…yeah. Then along came a program called Microsoft Excel. Once I started playing around with the program I was blown away. All of those pain-staking nights of hand-writing out everything and then I found this automated way of doing the same thing (only I didn’t have to worry about the math being carried over to another ledger incorrectly).

Of course, I played and played with Excel and then I learned about VBA! It was like another layer of fun for me because not only could the math still be taken care of but I could begin automating all of the functions as well. Next, I just dove right in (no holding back). I discovered a little fact about me that I didn’t know before and that was the fact that I am a natural at programming. I picked up the code so quickly it even surprised me. Many of my spreadsheets actually began getting so large I had to flip over to databases and then Access entered the scene. I was having so much fun with Excel and the VBA behind the scenes Access came that much faster. Really, now I use them both very often and I love doing anything and everything in VBA (with both Excel and Access).

My Projects

Currently, I have this one DB to get this page started. I will be adding more projects as time goes on.

My Projects(s)

  • Simple Database
    This database was created to allow for tracking in case the network connection went down at my job (which was pretty often). The fun part is when you start using the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) because you can do some fun things with your MS Access database. If you would like to poke around at this one, please feel free to download by CLICKING HERE.
  • Helping to Index
    Everyone wants information and they never want to wait for it. Working in an industry where peoples lives are impacted by your ability to retrieve information quickly I found the shortest database is better than the longest memory! I created a database that I could quickly search/ping for random bits of data. Granted, in this copy I’ve left here for you to download doesn’t have a lot of the more “sensitive” information in there but in the HazMat section you’ll be able to see it working. Feel free to add your own modifications to the file or the code as you need to. I use this one a lot to help me quickly recall different codes, phone numbers, or anything really I would need to put in there here’s a copy for you to download.


Summary of Downloads & Extra Links


Getting Help

My Project Downloads

Links I found Helpful

Reference this work as:

Matthew Mansfield, "MS Access," in Mansfield, April 30, 2017,

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