MS Excel

Why Excel Rocks

My discovery of programming actually happened while I was going to school for accounting. This was back in the day when you had to manually hand-write out your ledgers…yeah. Then along came a program called Microsoft Excel. Once I started playing around with the program I was blown away. All of those pain-staking nights of hand-writing out everything and then I found this automated way of doing the same thing (only I didn’t have to worry about the math being carried over to another ledger incorrectly).

Of course, I played and played with Excel and then I learned about VBA! It was like another layer of fun for me because not only could the math still be taken care of by utilizing the many cell functions but I could begin automating all of the functions as well. Next, I just dove right in (no holding back). I discovered a little fact about me that I didn’t know before and that was the fact that I am a natural at programming. I picked up the code so quickly it even surprised me. Many of my spreadsheets actually began getting so large I had to flip over to databases and then Access entered the scene. I was having so much fun with Excel and the VBA behind the scenes Access came that much faster. Really, now I use them both very often and I love doing anything and everything in VBA (with both Excel and Access).

My Projects

I have some of my more fun projects here so you can download and play with the VBA and such.


  • TNG & TOS Alarm Clock
    For the Trekies in the house here is a TNG/TOS Alarm Clock. I hope you enjoy!
  • A Basic Countdown Clock
    This is a basic Countdown clock.
  • Your Current Star Date
    It takes a little bit of math but you can find out your current star date.
  • An Offical Timesheet
    I built this for my old job and my boss liked it so much she got it cleared through the proper channels and we all used this time sheet.
  • Sample Test
    I built this form driven workbook to show a co-worker that you could actually use Excel to aid the people in the training division. Here was the sample test.
  • Fun With API’s
    This is a basic IMAP weather API in Excel. I liked this one for a while but then it got old. If you are new to playing around with API’s this is a fun exercise.
  • More Excel Automation
    A supervisor wanted a workbook created to help us tracking certain event logs. So, needless to say I turned to Excel to create this fun row adding workbook. Technically this one should have flipped over to an Access DB but the practice was really fun. I think I came up with this one just before a lot of my assignments at work ended up requiring a DB.
  • Barnsley Fern Fractal
    Every math nerd ends up playing with fractals and I am no different. Fractals are very fun because of the math involved in them. This Barnsley Fern Fractal is one of my favorites and of course I had to push Excel until I figured out how to create a fractal in the program.


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