VoiceThread’s for APCV 320


On this page, I have published the class presentations I submitted to the University of Arizona’s APCV320 – Computational Thinking and Doing class using VoiceThread.

The APCV320 instructions for VoiceThread assignments required that we submit our entire VoiceThread as a single slide. In order to accomplish this, I used Microsoft PowerPoint. As I have a MacBook Pro (with a front facing camera), I used QuickTime Player to record my face while I simultaneously recorded the PowerPoint presentation on the screen. Doing this allowed me to also record sound effects I wished to put in my presentations.

To keep the video of my face on top of the PowerPoint presentation, I set the window that had the camera feed of my face “on top” of all other windows. Then, I displayed the PowerPoint presentation in “Presenter View“, which allowed the window frame that included my face to be on top, and I only selected the screen area that included the content I wished to use for the presentation in QuickTime Player. Finally, I saved it as a .mov then uploaded the video as a single file in VoiceThread (so it only takes up one slide).

To film your face while simultaneously recording your screen on a Windows device there are many software options, one that I have used in the past is called BandiCam. A quick Google search will give you a bunch of options for Linux as well. If you would like, you may also simply use VoiceThread. You may make a video in VoiceThread (simply don’t “share” it just make it to record) and then play it back to yourself and record your screen. Next you may edit out what you want and submit your screen capture as your video file.

Module 1

Involved introductions.

Module 2

Module 3

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