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Showing determination in the face of fear makes us extraordinary. Wow, that's deep but hey, check out some of these awesome skills...

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Meet Baby PanPan & His Friend Sabrina

Meet Baby PanPan & His Friend Sabrina

Meet Baby PanPan and Sabrina! These two rascals are on quite the adventure together...

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Homepage / Big Five Personality Tests
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Me in a Nutshell

Below is an overview of my broad characteristics on the 5 major dimensions of personality.

Cognitive Style: Intellectual

In my thinking, I tend to prefer ideas and concepts over facts and realities. I am comfortable with theory and enjoy using my imagination, especially when it comes to envisioning the possibilities of the future. In my spare time, I often enjoy activities that allow me to explore new ideas and improve my mind.

Organizational Style: Focused

I am a goal-oriented, hardworking person who always has my eyes on the prize. I am not easily distracted and tend to persist until the job is done. Friends and coworkers know they can rely on me to keep my promises and do my duty. I put work before play and have a serious, responsible attitude.

Energy Style: Introverted

I tend to be reserved and calm in my approach. Although I may enjoy being around people, especially close friends and family members, lots of socializing tends to be draining to me. I am more thoughtful than talkative and tend to be a good listener. I enjoy quiet, independent activities than I can do at my own pace.

Stress Management Style: Resilient

I deal with stress well and respond effectively to most of the hurdles in life. I do not easily become depressed, anxious, or angry. I can maintain a cool head in situations that set others off. I tend to take an optimistic approach to life, trusting myself to manage challenges and difficulties.

Interpersonal Style: Cooperative

I look for ways to get along and agree with others. I am at my best when I am in an environment of harmony and cooperation. I am naturally altruistic and get a lot of satisfaction out of helping other people, especially the ones who need it most. I easily feel compassion and identify with people who are suffering.

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