Batch Files

Why this language?

Oh gosh, what nerd doesn’t use this? Using the terminal window is the first thing any nerd needs to learn when you’re going through nerd school. Utilizing the DOS CMD (command) window is used in my everyday life. The first time I used this in a professional setting was when 8 computers at work got infected with a virus and the center manager didn’t know what to do. They called I.T. department and put in a work ticket but it would be at least a week before they got around to sending someone out. So, my boss looked to me and asked me if I could do something…uhh, heck yeah! With her permission I quickly put together a batch file which gave me admin access to the computer, I rebooted and jumped into a few files and within 15 minutes the virus was gone and she was back up and running.


When people see you putting together a quick batch file which helps you get rid of a virus they start looking at you different, this isn’t in a good way either. They actually start thinking that you are a threat (at least this was the case with me). With a bit of 20/20 vision now I think I should have never started fixing small things around the office. Either way, I’ve used batch for so many years I honestly don’t know when I started. Holding back at work is a good thing though for sure.

A Few of My Projects

You can never know the settings that I.T. has used to lock out controls or to what extent they have locked down settings so each case will be different. Depending on how things are set up you may have to tweak the coding around. These are actually very simple. Sometimes you have to write a whole program to bypass things. These should give you something fun to play with. Of course, I’m not going to give you some really strong codes to bypass admin stuff because I wouldn’t want to be held accountable for anything you may do with that; so, I’m going to offer you something to get the creative juices flowing. Enjoy.

Batch file projects

  • Hack me in
    CLICK HERE to download a script which uses the “net user” function to add you as a user

  • Hack me out
    This takes your admin profile out. There may be some more steps you need to take to remove all of your tracks but this will give you a start.
  • IP Finder
    This is a small script to locate IP. Download the file here


Summary of Downloads & Extra Links


Helpful links

My Project Downloads


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