LCARS Security Door


This project began because of a few factors. One of the big factors was that I have two small boys at the house. My wife mentioned to me that I should keep my office door locked so the boys don’t get in the office and get hurt on something in there. So, my goal was to come up with a techy way to lock the office and keep things consistant with my nerdy inventor theme. When I was about 10 I remember Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) was one of my favorite shows and my fondness was actually kick started again by a fellow co-worker of mine. He would bring his Star Trek DVD’s to work and on some nights he would come to work dressed in his full Star Trek uniform! At first that seems really funny but he was very intelligent and I never minded having a conversation with him. As time went on I thought it would be a kick to skin my security touch-pad door system using the TNG look, style and feel. My research for artistic insight got me watching the show again and I had a lot of fun revisiting some childhood moments. I was able to capture the TNG skin for my door panel and so I know have a TNG door touch-pad locking the office!


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