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OPS CONSULTING AND INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES (OPS CIS) is dedicated in helping you find out critical information for you to make informed decisions in any of your personal or professional matters. OPS CIS provides results with a focus on client outcomes over company profits. From locating a long-lost relative, to tracking down hidden assests, to litigation support, you can rest assured that OPS CIS will handle the job professionally from start to finish every time.


OPS CIS believes that trust is paramount in your decision to hire a private investigator with many clients raising concerns about privacy and need an investigation conducted discretely. At OPS CIS we hold your trust and confidence as sacred. Your identity, along with what we do on your behalf will be kept confidential and discreet. In most circumstances, our staff will follow your instructions to the letter. Our clients can rest assured that confidentiality is paramount. That is why we invest in current technology with advanced security and encryption capabilities to keep your information private. From someone just wanting to make sure their partner is faithful, to high level executives, and government officials, you can trust OPS CIS to always be discrete.


Many investigation companies seem to be stuck in the dark ages with dated websites, antiquated technology, and investigative tools that pre-dated the internet. Our investigators blend time-tested investigative techniques with modern technology as a force multiplier and to deliver proven results. Our investigators have a proven track record of leveraging technology both in the government and private sectors. Our team has a background in technical investigations including a former member of the coveted, referral only, National Technical Investigators Association (NATIA).


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