Entry Level Man

Matthew MansfieldEducation is possibly the most important thing in our society. It qualifies us to work, it teaches us skills, and it enhances our ability to reason. My children didn’t get it when I would jokingly call myself “entry level man” but they would laugh and we would share some bonding moments when I would wear my bath towel around my neck and pull them out of trouble. The lesson I was trying to teach them is to take their studies seriously so they don’t become trapped in a job that they won’t find fulfilling.

Entry Level Man

By Matthew Mansfield

A toilet is backing?
A commercial needs acting?

A construction zone needs flagging?
Some groceries need bagging?

Entry Level-Man to the rescue!

A pipe is leaking,
And your wife is shrieking?

A table needs waiting?
Your lawn could use raking?

Entry Level-Man to the rescue!

Before I pay rent
All of my money is spent

Minimum wage is my prize
I thru schooling aside

Who needs education I am not afraid
Thanks to government my retirements paid

Nights and weekends, will do
holidays and birthdays, too

Religion’s not respected
Sleep is not expected

Because it’s
Entry Level-Man to the rescue!

Whenever I’m feeling down at the jobs that I do
I pause for a moment then shout out to you…

Entry Level-Man to the rescue!


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