True Love

Matthew MansfieldThe heart does not always follow tradition (or even logic for that matter), instead, the heart simply wants what it wants. In this story, we have a young woman who is arranged to marry someone to whom her heart does not want. Take a read, and tell me what you think.

True Love

By Matthew Mansfield

A young woman of fourteen who never made malice
She dwelt as a servant within the walls of the palace.

Her life was decided from start to finish
arrangements all made to wed Sir Minish

This marriage would lift her from disgrace
But to her Sir Minish was a pudding face

Her looks were appealing to him he stated
This interest in her made the parents elated

At the months end she would become his property
For the parents the funds arranged for delivery

This exchange of a daughter would their lives set to motion
Not more low, rather, high class would be their commotion

Minish money to high status would their family’s name send
Which to her may as well be her life’s very end

This is not love, nor is there a flicker of hoping
My future is to be filled with hurt and moping

On her way to the village she found it swelling inside
This whole thing is wrong I do not feel alive!

While feeling sorry she noticed a silly man in town square
His clothes funny fitting and he had wild brown hair

He danced and laughed as a crowd did gather
He grabbed saddle soap; a pigs rump did he lather

She laughed and she smiled as she watched on
Forgetting her troubles she had carried so long

After the show concluded he went on his way
Toward the castle so he could this act display

For the jester she found a small fire burning
Approaching there eyes met and he too felt the yearning

They knew without words each was half less the other
Together one soul bound in love with the other

Together laughing and playing
It was love without saying

What of my life? The time is running near
My parents will not have it; it is status they fear

Loving words, a kind gesture
From a good man, a jester

“Does not matter!” father yelled,
“You are a woman, a thing to look and beheld!”

“Leave her to herself” the mother said,
“Off to her room let her clear her head.”

Moving in quietly to the bedside she moved
A word or two I must expound unto you

When a man and a woman find a love that is true
It binds them forever so this thing thou must pursue

The mind of thy father is small he forgets his own past
At our meeting he then only made small wages,
Take a look around his earnings ye see all that he hast

He has a good heart but a mind thick and aging
Go now to thy love I will resolve Sir Minish’s waging

A grateful hug and a kiss, off now to her true love
He waited for her behind a street just above

In there arms was a grasping that shared all their feelings
Finally, one, together, no more love will treasures be stealing


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