The Air That We Breathe

Matthew MansfieldMy little boys ask awesome questions and so it leads to fun answers. Especially when they were young they would quickly lose interest I would try to write down their question and make a fun poem to answer it. This way when the question is asked again I’ll have turned the answer into a fun story to read and reread.

The Air That We Breathe

By Matthew Mansfield

The air that we breathe is not a tangible thing
We take it in and then out
But of what use to us does it bring?

How can a thing that I do not see
Be the root of all life on this planet that be?

Why would all of the creatures made
Be subject to trust on a thing of aide
That does not to our eye make notice
So that we might not believe it hocus pocus?

If I believe in air then I believe in nothing
For air is nothing,
Or to my reason its so
Because to the natural eye I see nothing blow

This is because my mind tells me to trust
in the things that I see,
Not the things that I must

But my heart feels as so too my body
The movement of wind as I work and I lobby

When will the eye of man see
the air for what it is not what we want it to be?

It is through air that each of us lives
Then why cannot man see this source that gives
To each of us the precious breath of life?
It is our fear and doubt that causes us this strife.

For the belief in a thing that is seen and real
Is opposed to the guidelines of the original deal

We agreed to be tested, we said hide the facts
Let us search out each truth
through our deeds and our acts

now we are in this world with hidden factors
a stage truly filled with varying actors

This time to prove, His mysteries to find
If this is applied we won’t be left behind


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