Pro Life or Pro Choice

Matthew MansfieldThis one is one of my less popular works, and possibly one of the more controversial. So many people have a firm opinon about this topic, but I thought I would share my belief here, and also explain (briefly) as to why. Enjoy.

Pro Life or Pro Choice

By Matthew Mansfield

Pro life or pro choice?
What be your voice?

In one hand you grant the ability to give
The other you restrict the option to live

Why should ye choose one side or the other?
thou read this and so ‘life’ was the choice of thy mother

Now think back to the plan of our design
The plan proposed was one that would not confine

The vote of the Father favored choice over life
This is true for decisions of man cause us strife

We then reason our Savior favors not life over choice
This to bring judgment on each for their voice.

Man has the ability to take life in his hands
Because in the beginning we chose the course of our plans

From the grace of our lord we were granted it then
Now it is our turn to choose for all men

Which would the Father us choose; Life over choice?
If this is the decision, then no freedom but force

Was this not the plan and the path of another?
The design of Satan to restrict each mother

If each woman gave life at the expense of her own
Then what be her mission his or her own?

If thou wilt remove options and dictate ones course
Then no freedom has man, and the result is remorse

We are free here to choose, free to govern salvation
This gift is extended to each person and nation

Now it is time, come forth, cast thy opinion
We need not to those by default have dominion

For if we vote to restrict, then that side do ye favor
As for me, myself, I side with the Savior


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