Common Sense

Matthew MansfieldMost of my poems are aimed at the curious minds. So many things we speak without considering where the words come from. In this poem, I explore why “common sense” is, and what it is; for, as we all know, much sense that’s out there today is not common.

Common Sense

By Matthew Mansfield

Wit is a small thing, but rare in its tender
Each that has it returns it with speed to the sender

Asking not always does the question solve
But instead stirs the mind new things to resolve

In all of my travels many times I have heard
The phrase “common sense”, oh please, how absurd!

What to me is a small thing, still vexing at that
Why in my exposure have I found out that
common sense not to be sense that is common?

Where withal shall one look to find a place that doth set
On a hill, or under, its location not requisite
The purpose to be that common sense is met

I have looked in the south and found more than a great lack
Now to the west there is more but still less than a full sack

If to me one person possess the sense in question
This is not satisfaction to its own definition

For one to have sense makes the thing to be rare
Therefore, the commonness of sense is not very aware

The true meaning discovered of the phrase “common sense”
Is one that bespeaks of logics lack of dispense

Then to all should the phrase ‘common sense’ refer
Of a reason that’s common which does sound logic defer

So as in all things as there must opposites be
I must not be strong enough to this thing see

So if the sense that is logic is that thing common still
Then I must of a sense have too little reason and will

To remain in the standing of this saying that passes
I must have lesser logic then the oft spreading masses

Through all this it’s wit that allows me questions ask
Why are things not more obvious rather than behind a mask?

I believe our characters are tested this way
When we ask with wit we are guided to say

If not here than there I shall of myself speak
common sense I have not for my brain is too weak


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