A Tire I Am

Matthew MansfieldWhen dealing with children, or even teenagers, it’s difficult to express the importance of teamwork. Many times, our young people believe that they are the center of the universe, but in time and with a little bit of experience and wisdom, they can learn we each play a part in something greater than ourselves.

A Tire I Am

By Matthew Mansfield

A tire I am, strong and fresh in my speed
I am of myself the source of my own need

No parts of this vehicle need I for strength
To travel here and there across this highway’s length

I am here, look all, and gather around
What a ta-do I am. I’m black and I’m round

Rolling and rolling, with a pop and a hiss
What is this? My once firm ground hug has turned to a kiss

Why does the road feel so close and so strong.
This is not right, no, something is wrong.

The side of the road, wait this is not where I belong
I am not weak, I am always so strong.

My bolts are loosened and with a quick jerk and a twirl
In the trunk with the tools? I’m a bright shiny pearl!

It’s dark now, this space is small and confining
This stabbing pain in my heart,
A nail seems to have breached my lining

Repairs have restored me, I am better now more than worse
I roll again, but not like at first

The air in me is cool, not hot like before
I am not the only one there is, look there are three more.

I see how others make this drive a song
The journey is better when you take friends along.


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