The Chicken or the Egg?

Matthew MansfieldThe analogy of the bible with Adam and Eve helps us to develope a solid sense of purpose. In the same way, this short poem explains to young minds (that cannot understand such things as evolution) how things came to be.

The Chicken or the Egg?

By Matthew Mansfield

I see a chicken a top an egg that sets
The baby beak pokes threw the egg as it pecks

But which of the two came before the other
Was it the baby chick or the roosting mother?

A good question my child and a wise one at that
How did the egg come to be while she sat on her sat?

It started in the beginning with Adam and Eve
Before they were learned and no more naive

Heavenly Father assembled her, the first Mother Chicken
Combined with a spouse the great Rooster Chicken

Together they lived and loved one another
Until Eve decided to become a mother

From this time it started, no more where two
The family of Adam are so that I could have you

The chickens in turn were commanded to follow
This source sprang the first egg that soon became hollow.

This cycle continued without hesitation
Its secret instilled within each generation.

It’s all part of a plan from our Heavenly Father
The way we return without any bother

Many children now come into this world each day
So that they might grow up and follow His way

Remember this lesson for the next set of ears
For our time is confined to so many years

The secret is passed now from me on to you
Don’t forget when you’re asked that will be your queue


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