Showing determination in the face of fear makes us extraordinary....

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In case you were wondering, yes; ever since I was a school boy, I’ve loved to wear button-up shirts, vests, ties, and...

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In interviews sometimes I feel like laughing out loud when I’m asked concerning some threshold of stress that I can handle or work under. It’s obviously never the correct response but...

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Homepage / Professional Experience

The greed of our society has gotten the better of us and now we are facing the consequences. Employers are constantly driven by their bottom line, which drives them to care less and less for the people who labor for them. This generates a work force that does not care for their employers and the resultant state is that no one is loyal toward anyone or anything else around them in professional environments.

Employees are willing to “jump ship” for a nominal pay increase or fringe benefit and employers will now replace an employee at the drop of a hat. Lawsuits are rampant, and the ever-looking professional now exists giving rise to social outlets such as Linkedin. Self promotion is the only way to survive these days and this is accomplished through owning your own website, passing out business cards, and remaining constantly in tune with popular/professional trends.

They say the average career lasts approximately five (5) years now. The days of working for an employer until you retire with a nice pension are over. Due to this, I have worked in several professions, which has made my resume a bit diverse. For this purpose, I have created several types of resumes to demonstrate my talents and strengths in each of the fields I may now work in. I’ve organized these individual resumes into job description(s) and they are as follows:

Web Design | Full Stack Developer

Software Engineer

Law Enforcement

Business Management

By clicking on one of the above links, you’ll be taken to a new tab where you may view the given resume. As you can see, I do a lot of design work and my experience is rather vast. Many employers want a lot of sample(s) of your work and evidence of your abilities; so, I began putting together tutorials to demonstrate my various skills. For instance, when applying for a web designer (webmaster) position, employers would like to see a sample of my work (online) when working/dealing with PHP, SQL, or HTML. I put together a demo page to illustrate that I have the knowledge/skill(s) and that page may be viewed HERE.

Regarding web design, below are but a few of the websites I have designed and maintain:

Aiden Turner’s Website

Brass Technologies

Web Animation Example

Alan Bran’s Website

Kelsey Meehl’s Website

Nicole Little’s Day Care


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