Work Experience:
"Software Engineer"

Writes stand-alone software applications and websites. Has experience managing servers and networks. Is versed in several computer languages.

Life Experience:
"Founder & Owner of
Engineering Firm"

Established, owned, and operated engineering firm. Worked with each client and investor. Negotiated contracts, managed projects, wrote proposals, P&L's, and so much more.

Job Posting:
"Graphic Artist"

Creating, proofing and contracting all newspaper ads. Website changes, updates and design. Taking photographs for website, flyers and brochures.

One + Two

Designed all web/app wireframing for firm/client software.

One + Three

Manages all (digital/physical) media for firm/clients.

Two + Three

Digitally designs all marketing materials for firm/clients.

One + Two + Three

Manages servers and websites.