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Salary Requirements

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Salary Image

Touch n’ Go

Discussion of salary occasionally becomes a touchy subject for both employers and candidates. In many respects, applicants don’t want to come across as greedy by asking for too much but on the flip side, it’s never a good idea to settle for less than you reasonably require. At the end of the day, if an employee cannot pay for basic needs (food, shelter, access to fresh water, etc), they cannot be their best self at work.

Living Within a Balanced Budget

For years, I have been using Dave Ramsey’s financial peace program for budgeting and in doing so I have paid off all my bad debt! Through this process, I have used the math from Dave Ramsey directly1 to determine rent payment amount(s).

Crunching these numbers was possible after much budgetary research using resources such as the Dave Ramsey financial peace method(s)2, personal finances, and other rent payment calculation resources3. Please note, child visitation is only possible when I am located relative to the greater Phoenix area.

The following spreadsheet provides a matter-of-fact representation of my stance regarding wages:

Commitment Level

Please note, the purpose of this page is not to declare a “salary requirement”; instead, it is to provide transparency regarding employment commitment level(s).

Questions, Comments, or Thoughts?

For more information, feel free to CONTACT ME, directly.

Reference this work as:

Matthew Mansfield, "Salary Requirements," in Mansfield, September 6, 2019,


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