Web Design

Originally, I went to school to answer a few questions I had about an algorithm I had been struggling with as it pertained to a program I was writing and I ended up getting a degree in computer programming. From there, much of my technology-based works have been in order to adapt to changes in life and the needs at the time. For instance, much of the web work I’ve done has risen from need-based situations and I have done a great deal of it since. When I worked at the Arizona Department of Public Safety I developed a webpage that I used each day because it contained useful tools that I would use. That webpage may be viewed HERE.

Since the time of that webpage, I’ve designed and re-designed many websites. From time to time I will go back and look at some of my older work and compare/contrast my progress. You may enjoy seeing some of my other work(s) and older versions of my webpage, too! The way my website looks now seems to fit my current mood, but I may change it again, who knows. Check out what I just changed it from and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your feedback about which style you like better.