Unlock Blackberry Curve 9300

Getting anything done for free these days takes a bit of working. Lets follow some steps to see if what worked for me can work for you as well.

Step 1. Power your phone up and act like you are going to make a call. Type in *#06# your IMEI number will appear on the screen. Copy that down somewhere.


Step 2. You need to retrieve your BlackBerry device’s MEP code. To do this you need to open up your “OS Engineering Screen”. On the main menu screen of your BlackBerry press down ATL+Shift+H (for help) at the same time.


Step 3. Go to OS Engineering Screens > Device Info.


Step 4. Scroll down under the SW Parts List and you will find your MEP. In my case it was MEP-04104-007. Take this number down. You will need it.


Step 5. Download this BlackBerry MEP generator and fire it up. You simply select from the drop down menu which MEP you have (such as mine above MEP-04104-007 from steps 2 – 4) then you type in your IMEI number in the appropriate textbox and click on “Calculate”.


Step 6. Back to your BlackBerry’s main menu screen go to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > SIM Card.


Step 7. Type in MEPD. No typing will appear on the screen as you do this. Once that is typed your screen list will expand and you will be able to see the following (or similar):




Network Subset

Service Provider


Each of these settings in the phone represent a Mobile Equipment Personalization (MEP). Each of these can be locked and if that’s the case you will have to select each one and unlock them. Your unlock code will be between 10 and 16 numbers long. For better clarification, the above is what you will see along with whether it is active or disabled. Like so:




Network SubsetDisabled

Service ProviderDisabled


The “Active” and “Disabled” are not bolded on your phone as they are all smooshed into the other word. You will understand once you see it on your screen. Please note, each of the five personalizations are a different MEP. For instance,


MEP1 = SIMDisabled

MEP2 = NetworkActive

MEP3 = Network SubsetDisabled

MEP4 = Service ProviderDisabled

MEP5 = CorporateDisabled

Each phone has 5 MEP’s that can be locked. In my case, T-Mobile only locked MEP2 and so I only needed to input the 1 code which unlocked the phone.


Step 8. Now from your MEP generator you can select one of the MEP codes that match what is Actively locked. For instance, the following codes is what will be presented in your generator screen:

IMEI: 353039043459297

MEP: MEP_04104_007


MEP Codes:

MEP1 :4486467426976036

MEP2 :7603376453602214

MEP3 :1577369485260306

MEP4 :8051453218862502

MEP5 :7845777045561355


Codes Successfully Done.

So if MEP2 = NetworkActive is what is locked or showing active on your phone, you would select MEP2 :7603376453602214 from the generator as your code to enter.


CAUTION: BlackBerry only allows you to try a MEP code up to 10 times and then it will permanently lock on you and you will not be able to unlock that phone. Please make sure you type things in correctly.

Step 9. To input your code scroll over the MEP you wish to unlock and type in MEP2 or the letters M E P and then the number 2 (alt+e). This will bring up the screen for you to place your MEP code. It should display that the code was accepted and you’re go to go! Enjoy your unlocked phone.